Tuesday January 30, 2024

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The US EPA Region 9 has filed an administrative comment letter with the State Water Resources Control Board stating that the updated plan must include numeric water flow criteria and adopt Tribal Beneficial Uses.

The comment responds to the Board’s Draft Staff Report for the Phase II Update of the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan (Bay-Delta Plan).

On Jan.19, 2024, the EPA urged the State Water Board to update, adopt, and implement a Bay-Delta Plan that incorporates Tribal Beneficial Uses and numeric flow objective supported by the best available science for the protection of estuarine species, communities, and economies, according to the DTEC. Additionally, EPA recommends the Board to incorporate new scientific studies published after 2017.

The comment letter states: “While EPA’s attached comments focus primarily on potential updates to the Bay Delta Plan related to flow objectives to support fish and wildlife designated uses, EPA acknowledges  the importance of improving water quality throughout the Bay-Delta watershed to protect all uses,  including Tribal Beneficial Uses (TBUs). EPA continues to urge the State Water Board to expeditiously  adopt and implement long-delayed updates to the Bay Delta Plan to ensure that this important  ecosystem can continue to support these uses for future generations.”

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