Friday August 30, 2013

Pepper harvest
As the end of summer nears, we are in the midst of daily harvests of peppers and other fruits and veggies from our garden at “FISHBIO Farms.” Most backyard gardeners know, or learn the hard way, that it is wise to only plant as many fruits and veggies as you can consume yourself or give away—but somehow we managed to plant a surplus of peppers in our office garden. Rather than allowing the excess peppers go to waste, we decided to get a little creative.
Pepper jelly
The first and obvious choice to utilizing peppers is making salsa—lots of salsa. We have also enjoyed numerous stuffed peppers and pepper poppers. Once we realized we would not be able to consume all our peppers fresh, we turned to pickling. But our hands-down favorite way of preserving peppers is making jellies. We have been making numerous batches of jalapeño, habanero, blueberry habanero, strawberry habanero, mango habanero, and just about any combination of fruit-and-pepper jelly you can imagine. We’d say it’s definitely a sweet (and spicy) success.

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