wire fyke trap

FISHBIO’s FABLAB constructed a triplet of large wire fyke traps commissioned by the Bureau of Reclamation to be deployed in the lower Mokelumne River. The traps were modeled after those used during FISHBIO’s Striped Bass Mark-Recapture Study. The cylinders of cyclone fencing and tubing measure 20 feet in length and 10 feet in diameter. The interior of the cylinder features a pair of smaller funneling walls that lead fish to the rear of the trap and prevent them from swimming back out. A door is installed at the back of the trap that allows researchers to reach inside while keeping fish in the water during sampling.

These traps were constructed to monitor the movements of adult Chinook salmon migrating upstream. They are mounted on cables attached to levees overlooking the river, close to the water’s edge. A trailer-mounted winch is used to easily deploy and retrieve the traps by raising or lowering them to the ideal fishing position. The traps are just one example of FISHBIO’s specialized fabrication projects that are tailored to meet the needs of clients.

Wire fyke trap teamwork

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