CSU Snorkel Survey data

FISHBIO partnered with Dr. Amanda Banet’s Aquatic Ecology class at California State University, Chico to train and lead students in snorkel surveys on Big Chico Creek. Our goal was to give students hands-on experience with survey methods used by professional fisheries biologists. We teamed with Dr. Banet to introduce students to snorkel surveys and habitat mapping in the classroom and field. During the first classroom visit, we provided a brief introduction to Big Chico Creek, the overall purpose of snorkel surveys, and how to identify local fish species. We then spent two field days with the class, starting with a “dry run” at 5-Mile Recreation Area for students to hone their skills in a more controlled environment, then moving up into the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve to conduct a snorkel survey. We concluded the activity with a final class visit to discuss how to review and analyze the data collected, and how to write up the results of the survey. Contact us if you are interested in similar education partnerships!

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