Auringer, G., Campbell, M.A., Goertler, P.A.L., Finger, A.J.

Publication Date

30 September 2023

Publication Name

North American Journal of Fisheries Management

Monday March 18, 2024

Protecting biodiversity is important for preserving ecosystem functions and services, and understanding the diversity present in a system is necessary for effective conservation. Lampreys display extensive diversity in morphology and life history strategy. The extent of this diversity and the underlying genetic patterns have not yet been fully characterized. Uncertainty about species boundaries and operational taxonomic units hinders lamprey management and conservation. Limited data have been collected on California lampreys (Lampetra spp. and Entosphenus spp.), but evidence suggests widespread population decline across the west coast of North America.  Study objectives were to identify which nominal species are present at study sites across northern and central California, determine whether current taxonomic classifications accurately and sufficiently describe lamprey diversity in California, and characterize the biogeographic distribution of genetically distinct lamprey lineages across the study area.

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