Wednesday March 30, 2011

What better place to attend school, but on a boat in the Sierra foothills? FISHBIO is hosting a training course this week, Boat-Based Electrofishing: Principles and Practices, and a fortunate break in the weather is providing pleasant conditions. Participants are presented information concerning topics such as electric circuit and field theory, safety training, and fish injury awareness and minimization. They are also given the opportunity to hone their newly acquired skills in the field.

The Northwest Environmental Training Center is conducting the class, and attendees include representatives from FISHBIO, California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), Department of Water Resources (DWR), Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ), as well as some tribes and other private consultants. The course meets the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) training requirements for electrofishing in waters containing salmonids listed by NMFS under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
Photo source: FISHBIO

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