Friday November 9, 2012

If you’re having trouble viewing the presentation, you can also download it.

FISHBIO and VAKI Aquaculture Systems conducted a seminar this week in California to introduce fisheries biologists to the Riverwatcher fish monitoring system. We were pleased with the turnout and the interest in the Riverwatcher’s capabilities. Magnús Þór Ásgeirsson from the VAKI Corporation in Iceland provided a fantastic overview of the evolution of the system and demonstrated the operation of the equipment and software. Ryan Cuthbert from FISHBIO shared his 10 years of experience using Riverwatchers to enumerate instream fish migrations and demonstrated various data analysis possibilities. The seminar also included a fieldtrip to the Tuolumne River fish counting weir to see the system in action during the fall-run Chinook salmon migration. Participants showed great interest in the integration of the Riverwatcher system with resistance board weirs and other fish ways. A good example of this was our recent post on the integrated Riverwatcher/PIT tag antenna used by Casitas Municipal Water District to monitor steelhead in Southern California.

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