Dee Thao

Video and Graphics Designer

Dee Thao is a professional videographer with extensive experience in various aspects of video development and production, photography, graphic design, and web design. She is the video director, editor, and lead cinematographer for FISHBIO films, and has created dozens of mini-documentaries and video shorts. Dee also serves as FISHBIO’s lead graphic designer and is responsible for creating unique designs for print, online, and outreach purposes. Dee is experienced with many types of digital video equipment; has expertise in lighting, external audio recording, and audio design; and is proficient with a variety of video and photo editing programs.

Dee has filmed in professional studios, indoor venues, and remote field locations, both domestically and internationally, and holds a commercial drone pilot license. She exce­ls in visual storytelling through interviews, narration, video, and graphics, and has also produced promotional and instructional videos. Dee has led numerous trainings on effective photo and video communication techniques, including for FISHBIO and U.S. Fish and Wildlife personnel. She holds degrees in Communication Design (Media Arts) and Asian Studies from California State University, Chico.

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Loury, E.K., J.C. Eschenroeder, L. Seat, S. Chea; C. Chhut; S. Kritsanavarin; S. Lovgren, E.G. Ramsay, D. Thao, and Z.S. Hogan. 2021. Communicating for Aquatic Conservation in Cambodia and Beyond: Lessons Learned from In-Person and Media-Based Environmental Education and Outreach Strategies. Water, 13, 1853. DOI: 10.3390/w13131853

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