Jim Inman

Wildlife Biologist

Jim Inman is a wildlife biologist with extensive experience surveying for terrestrial and aquatic species, including macroinvertebrates, amphibians, fishes, reptiles, birds/raptors, and vegetation. Jim has extensive knowledge of California Central Valley ecosystems such as Alkali sink, grasslands, desert scrub, chaparral, oak woodland, riparian ecosystems, wetlands, vernal pools and montane forests. He is a certified wetland delineator and conducts wetland delineations, pre-construction surveys, and construction monitoring. Jim has also implemented turbidity screening efforts and monitored water quality for in-stream construction activities.

Jim is an expert in passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag antenna design and fabrication, and has developed numerous site-specific PIT-tag system configurations for water diversions, channel headworks, culverts, stream-width antennas, and aquaculture tanks. His experience with electronic fisheries technologies also includes Vaki RiverWatcher systems, the Smolt Spy automated fish camera, radio tags and receivers, acoustic tags and receivers, underwater video systems, and DIDSON sonar transducers. Jim holds a degree in biology from California State University, Fresno, and previously served as the watershed coordinator for the Calaveras River.

Featured Projects

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