Robert Fuller

Boat Captain & Field Crew Leader

Robert Fuller has been a field crew leader since 1995, and his experiences in California and Oregon encompass all aspects of fisheries sampling. Rob supervises rotary screw trap assembly and monitoring, snorkel surveys, redd surveys, weir assembly and monitoring, seining, and DIDSON monitoring. He is experienced in PIT tag antenna operation as well as Vaki Riverwatcher operation and data review. Rob is a licensed boat captain with experience in motorized and non-motorized watercraft operation in river, ocean, and lake environments. He has extensive experience with boat and backpack electrofishing, gillnetting, and trawl surveys.

Rob has conducted habitat mapping, habitat assessments, and species inventories in a variety of environments, as well as stream cross sections and habitat restoration. He has performed minnow and fyke trap surveys, as well as surveys for benthic macroinvertebrates and large woody debris. Rob is proficient in various fish marking techniques, external tagging, and PIT tag surgical implantation, and has participated in radio tracking, mobile acoustic tracking, and mark-recapture surveys. Rob has experience in sampling gear design, fabrication, and implementation; equipment maintenance; and heavy machinery operation.

Featured Projects

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