Tara Lamb

Fisheries Biologist

Tara is a fisheries biologist and field crew leader who is proficient in GPS mapping and wildlife population surveys. She has managed data with ArcGIS, Microsoft Access, and state and federal databases. She is proficient in installing, operating, and collecting data using PIT tags, acoustic tags, digital recorders, rotary screw traps, fish counting weirs, DIDSON/ARIS sonar, and the Vaki Riverwatcher. Tara has sampled and identified both endangered and invasive plants and animals in California, and has conducted environmental analyses such as channel assessments, stream cross-sections, and benthic macroinvertebrate sampling. She is also trained in genetic sampling and small watercraft operation. Tara conducts both upstream and downstream monitoring and database management of salmonids in California’s Central Valley and performs video monitoring and reporting for several projects.

Featured Projects

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