Friday December 30, 2011

Each December FISHBIO throws an end of the year party to celebrate the holidays and to review our accomplishments for the year. This year’s Holiday Party was a reflection of our entire 2011, with staff so busy that we didn’t even stop long enough to pose for a company photo. Like a growing family, we are finding it increasingly more challenging to gather everyone in the company together for social occasions. Even though the holidays are upon us, we still need to be out in the field collecting data, preparing for upcoming meetings, working to meet end-of-the-year deadlines and even conducting research halfway around the world. We paused just long enough to enjoy some deliciously prepared BBQ and cake, and before we knew it our year end review and party was over. FISHBIO had a wonderful 2011 and we are grateful for the many interesting fisheries projects that have kept us so busy. We wish friends of FISHBIO a happy holiday season.

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