Wednesday December 30, 2015

Brewing FISHBIO Beer
We’re ready to ring in 2016 with our own kind of countdown: a look at some of this year’s accomplishments by the numbers.
55,233 fish counted at three rotary screw traps
30,122 minutes watched on our YouTube page
20,515 fish passages counted at two weirs
169,064 miles driven in company trucks
55,848 hours worked
1,400 photos uploaded to Flickr
184 jars of pepper jelly made
176 countries represented by visitors to our website
144 bottles of hot sauce made
109 jars of jam made
90 jars of relish made
74 jars of salsa made
66 jars of pasta sauce made
42 jars of chili powder
27 fish species encountered
25 gallons of beer brewed
20 jars of pickles made
17 videos completed
6 countries visited (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Iceland)
3 VAKI Riverwatcher units sold
2 symposia hosted at the American Fisheries Society Meeting
1 FFA national champion! (Congrats, Logan!)
Cheers to the end of a great year!

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