Wednesday May 16, 2012

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Edinburgh, Scotland and the Fisheries Society of the British Isles have just played host to the 6th international meeting which brought leaders, industry, and researchers together to discuss the future sustainability of global fisheries. Presentations on diverse topics included certification standards, inland fisheries, and regional policies, with one of the plenary talks given by Prince Charles. Fisheries have been a primary concern for folks in the UK for most of its history, whether royal or rugby fan. Fish and chips made from Atlantic cod is a quintessential British dish, and fishing has been a major industry. Before the days of hi-tech industrial fishing, Scottish fisherfolk utilized a variety of techniques and shaped their life around the catch. At the Scottish Fisheries Museum we learned of the men and women who made do with the technology of the day. They fished cotton nets boiled with a waterproofing treatment. Cotton bandages were tied with string around the fingers of herring lasses, who moved seasonally depending on the volume of hauls, quickly working to get catches from the boats to the packing barrels. Despite changes in technology and global demand, striving for sustainability of world fisheries means that future generations will have the chance to earn a living from fish and to enjoy the amazing biodiversity found in the world of fishes.
More information: http://www.6thwfc2012.com/ and http://www.scotfishmuseum.org/

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