Wednesday January 31, 2018

T-shirt press
Over the years, FISHBIO’s annual gift baskets have evolved to almost exclusively feature products we make ourselves – and now that includes t-shirts.  Purchasing a t-shirt press has allowed us to supply our employees and friends with FISHBIO shirts on demand.  After learning the shirt-making process, we’ve been designing some new logos to try. We start off with a reversed heat-press logo on a paper backing and mark its top, sides, and center.  The logo is laid face down and measured from the seams of the shirt to ensure it will be in the correct position.  We then heat the press to 375 degrees and pull it down directly onto the paper.  After 10 seconds, we lift the press and peel off the paper back.  What’s left is a newly created custom shirt.
Having a shirt press in-house allows for our own production line, and we can average up to 20 shirts per hour.  We are able to customize each shirt with the logo color, along with the color of the shirt itself.  We now have quite the selection to choose from, with more than 15 different shirt styles and colors as well as eight different logo colors.  We currently have three main logo designs in rotation: a new oval logo listing the various FISHBIO office locations, the classic FISHBIO design with our signature fin, and a newly designed FISHBIO Brewing logo.  Being able to custom-tailor our shirts to individual styles and preferences has been a huge hit – our biggest challenge now is keeping up with demand!

Designing FISHBIO t-shirts

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