Tuesday May 30, 2023


Four new bridges are being built along the I-90 corridor in Bellevue, but they aren’t for cars or bikes. They are for a fish passage.

This is one of the most ambitious fish passage recovery projects to date. The state needs to replace the series of pipes and culverts that connect Sunset Creek, which runs behind the T-Mobile campus on the south side of the freeway to the Humane Society on the north side.

Ryan Boyle is the environmental biologist on this project. What kind of fish use this creek?

“There’s documented Coho salmon in that stream,” Boyle said. “They have been seen spawning in there. We spotted a 10-inch trout, local resident trout — Cutthroat. A smaller chance at Steelhead or Rainbow trout, and a little bit of a chance of Chinook salmon.”

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