Tuesday May 30, 2023


Representatives of environmental groups spoke out against the legislation at the hearing, supporting the staff recommendations to move the trailer bills to the regular policy process and to reject the flood and drought trailer bill language.

On May 25, the California Senate Budget Committee in a 3-0 vote temporarily blocked Gavin Newsom’s legislative plan to gut the landmark California Environmental Quality Act and other laws in order to fast-track the construction of the environmentally destructive Delta Tunnel, Sites Reservoir and other infrastructure projects.

Democratic Senators Josh Becker of San Mateo and Mike McGuire of Santa Rosa and Republican Senator Brian Dahle of Redding all voted no, citing the complexity of the legislative package submitted for last-minute consideration by Governor Newsom.

The 10 bills included measures to streamline water, transportation and clean energy projects with an eye toward helping the state meet its climate goals, according to Cal Matters.

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