Tuesday April 9, 2024

National Fisherman

Scientists claim that Atlantic cod stocks are severely depleted in the Gulf of Maine, but on the other hand, fishermen look at the marine environment and see a thriving species that will be shipped and eaten around the world for years to come. 

The question of how fishermen and marine scientists employed by government agencies can view cod stocks so differently has left Micah Dean, a Marine biologist with the Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries (MDMF) puzzled for years.  According to Northeastern Global News, Dean believed he discovered the answer when he was a doctoral student at Northeastern University.

He claimed that fishermen and scientists view the ocean depths with such different lenses that they are not viewing the same things.

“We did a telephone survey, and we asked commercial fishermen, over the last 10 years, do you think the cod population in the Gulf of Maine has gone down a lot, gone down a little, stayed the same, gone up a little, or gone up a lot,” Dean shared.

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