Tuesday April 9, 2024


The county Planning Commission approved a coastal development use permit for a controversial water project in the town of Mendocino at its regular meeting on April 4th. The project, a joint venture between the Mendocino Unified School District and the Mendocino City Community Services District, includes up to ten new wells and two large storage tanks that are supposed to meet the community’s needs in drought or fire emergencies. The new infrastructure will be located on school district property on Little Lake Road, just east of the intersection with Gurley Lane and a mile outside the center of town.

The permit includes the demolition and replacement of two existing water tanks and chlorination and control building with its related infrastructure and the improvement of three existing wells.

Dennak Murphy, the president of the Community Services District, asked the Commission to approve the project, which also has the support of the Mendocino Fire Protection District. “Replacing and updating water infrastructure for the schools will ensure that MUSD has the water it needs to meet its mission,” Murphy declared.

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