Tuesday April 9, 2024


Lake Shasta could reach its full capacity this spring, following a high amount of rainfall in California.

The largest reservoir in California has been steadily rising since the beginning of March. It has gone up sharply since the start of the year, which saw its levels at 1,012 feet, compared to its current level on April 5 of 1,058 feet. The lake has risen by about 19 feet since the beginning of March alone.

“Shasta Reservoir is currently 121 percent of the 15-year average and 93 percent full as of April 4. Unlike other Central Valley Project reservoirs, Shasta is predominantly filled by rainfall rather than snowpack runoff,” a Bureau of Reclamation spokesperson told Newsweek.

An area manager for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation told local newspaper Redding Record Searchlight that they are expecting Lake Shasta to “creep right up to the top.” The reservoir, located in Shasta County, California, was in a dire situation due to drought in 2022.

The lake replenished to high levels last year due to a record amount of rainfall. And now, following another wet year for the state, its levels are once again looking healthy.

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