Monday November 29, 2021

Aldergrove Star

A Langley man is hoping that a little help from a local streamkeeping group can allow salmon to migrate up Walnut Grove’s Munday Creek again, after beavers set up shop with a sizable dam.

Marlow Pellatt lives near the creek, around the area of 96th Avenue and 208th Street, and he only recently noticed that beavers that thrown up a sizable dam, one revealed by the

The dam, not far from the culvert where Munday creek runs to the west under 208th Street, stretches around 30 feet or more across the ravine floor.

With water still high from recent rainfall, a small lake of about a quarter acre in size had formed behind the dam.

Pellatt, an ecologist himself, doesn’t begrudge the beavers their habitat. But he worries it will impact the environment of another species that has been slowly returning to Munday Creek – the salmon. He’s concerned they won’t be able to make it over the dam to get to their spawning grounds farther up the river.


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