Monday November 29, 2021

Victoria News

Despite recent downpours wreaking havoc, members of a local salmon protection group say they will be able to run their river incubation programs this year.

Bowker Creek Salmon Recovery had built a Salmon Chum egg incubation box, but faster flows caused by heavy rainfall around Bowker Creek had scattered the rocks used to build the stone box.

In a post on Facebook, the group said natural salmon nests had also been washed away by higher than usual river flows in Goldstream River, caused by the heavy rain seen on Nov. 15. The group was concerned not enough salmon eggs would survive for them to be able to run their incubation programs this year.

But the group said enough eggs survived and were collected by the Goldstream Hatchery, another salmon protection group that collects eggs to help fertilize them outside of the river.


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