Friday November 7, 2014

Peppers from FISHBIO Farms
You might have noticed from previous blog posts (see Garden bounty and Pepper harvest) that FISHBIO loves gardening. Our company garden, aptly named FISHBIO Farms, grows some amazing produce that we turn into tasty homemade dishes. One of our staff members is masterful at making chili pepper-specific products, such as fruit-and-pepper jellies from jalapeños and habanero peppers. Most staff members at FISHBIO love the intense heat of some of these peppers, and with another bumper crop on our hands, it felt only natural for us to up the ante and get things “smoking hot.”
Smoking peppers
Yes, FISHBIO is getting serious about smoked foods. We’re working with various types of peppers and creating single and blended concoctions of wonderfully smoky heat. So far, we have taken more than five different pepper varieties (including Thai, habanero, jalapeño, serrano, and poblano) and subjected them to a nice sauna of smoke. After basking in the smoke for several hours, the peppers are dehydrated and ground to a fine powder. Our pepper chef then either bottles them by individual pepper variety, or creates a unique and wonderful blend. Each pepper gives the chili powder its own unique flavor, and flavors range from almost citrus-like to just dang smoky hot! We have heard through the grapevine that this chili powder is addicting and makes everything from pasta to goldfish crackers taste amazing!

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