Wednesday April 27, 2011

luxury villa laos
Some people stuck in an office all day may dream of the glamorous and “fun-filled” life of a field researcher. Working in the field can be exciting, but there are times that it can be challenging. After a long day of fieldwork, there’s nothing more welcoming than a good night’s sleep. However, we have learned that sometimes conditions can make it pretty tough to catch those 40 winks, such as, when battling mosquitoes or high temperatures all night long while trying to sleep. When you travel and work remotely, you have to be comfortable staying anywhere.

Doing research in small villages of the Mekong Basin, we have learned to be flexible with accommodations. Although $6.08 is quite a deal for a night’s stay, rooms often don’t include air conditioning, a mosquito net, or hot water. Cheery sheets serve as some distraction from the heavy humidity, and temperatures that can linger over 100°F all night long. And while the bathrooms may seem simple, a Western toilet is a luxury considering most rooms have squat toilets.
Photo source: FISHBIO

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