Wednesday August 6, 2014

Smoked salmon
Since FISHBIO was established in Oakdale, California, in 2006, we have put down strong roots that have allowed us to grow wide branches. Our company was built on our founders’ passion for advancing the research, monitoring, and conservation of fishes around the world. We carry the theme of conservation and sustainability into many facets of our company, including our quality services, our garden, our poultry, and the daily lives of our passionate staff members. Our garden has proved to be a great tool for demonstrating the importance of responsible growing and harvesting, and the value of knowing where your food comes from. We use drip irrigation systems and water timing devices to ensure that no drop of water is wasted, and also plant many vegetables that require less frequent watering. Our staff, their families, and our clients all share the fresh fruits of our labors.
Much like our branching fruit trees and hop vines, we have also branched out in the culinary realm, making everything from spicy pepper jellies to fried fish. Some of our staff take part in California’s important recreational salmon fishery (see Putting a Price Tag on Nature and Putting a Price Tag on Nature: Part 2), and when we’re lucky, we get to use these salmon for rolling sushi and for smoking, as shown in these photos. While our Oakdale office masterfully executes most of these delicacies, our Chico branch decided to follow suit and give the kitchen a shot. This endeavor made us realize that our Chico office housed another gourmet cook. Taking some tips from our master smoker in Oakdale, our Chico chef attempted a first-time smoke on some Chinook salmon, using homegrown Thai chilies to create a wonderful dry brine. If this wasn’t enough, he topped off the experiment by whipping up some Cajun grilled salmon and salmon ravioli from scratch. Not only are these dishes amazingly delicious, they taste all the better knowing the source of the ingredients. All of this food talk makes us wonder…is a FISHBIO cookbook in our future?


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