Monday December 30, 2019

Depth measurement
We’re ringing in 2020 with our own kind of countdown! Here’s a look at our past year by the numbers:
190,075 seconds of boat electroshocking
7,625 fish prey items identified
2,602 Chinook salmon counted at the Stanislaus River weir
3,652 fish captured with boat electroshocking
985 fish diet samples collected
788 target fish species captured in fyke traps
537 disk tags applied to fish
333 t-bar tags applied to fish
240 deployments of Predation Event Recorders
200 bottles of hot sauces made
180 gallons of beer brewed
150 jars of jelly canned
74 river miles sampled with boat electroshocking
68 jars of enchilada sauce prepared
50 jars of pickles made
25 education and outreach events held
8 presentations given at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting
6 Mekong Conservation Heroes honored
4 fyke traps fished
3 countries visited
2 new Fish Conservation Zones established on the Mekong River
1 boat makeover!

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