Wednesday December 27, 2017

A Mango Chocolate Stout
This holiday season we released our newest home-brewed beer, a chocolate mango milk stout. We crafted a rich milk stout, gave it a tropical twist, and then added chocolate – because everything is better with chocolate. Milk stouts, sometimes called sweet stouts or cream stouts, use the milk sugar lactose, which does not ferment and yields a creamy body and sweet flavor. Roasted chocolate and caramel malts give the beer its dark color. We piled on cacao nibs during fermentation, as well as enough fresh mango puree to provide a hint of luscious fruit flavor. We owe it to Mango the chocolate Lab, one of our resident furry mascots, for convincing us that chocolate and mango would make a winning combination. Read more about our adventures in FISHBIO Brewing here!
Bottles of Tropical Stout

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