Friday December 29, 2017

As we toast to the coming new year, we wanted to share our own kind of countdown. Here’s a look back at 2017 by the numbers:
156,958 fish counted at seven rotary screw traps
18,000 pages of fisheries data sheets entered into a database in Laos
13,418 fish passages counted at three weirs
2,992 trout counted in snorkel surveys
1,212 photos added to Flickr
1,000 trout rescued
217 gallons of beer brewed
200 bottles of hot sauce made
150 jars of pickled peppers canned
43 videos added to YouTube
38 adult salmon rescued
34 species observed at our rotary screw traps
18 data-entry interns hired in Laos
16 education and outreach activities
15 species observed at our fish-counting weirs
13 conferences and workshops attended
8 fyke traps constructed
7 Riverwatcher units sold
6 beer recipes tried
5 varieties of wine tried
4 fish rescue events
2 kittens adopted
1 custom bar table built

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