Wednesday February 28, 2018

Barbless Podcast recording session at FISHBIO Chico office
For a few hours about once a week, the conference room in our Chico office is transformed into a recording studio. Two fish aficionados, Chad Alderson and Nick Hanna, have teamed up to produce The Barbless Fly Fishing Podcast, where fly fishing guides, fisheries biologists, conservationists and resource managers chat with the hosts about all things fish (and fishing) related. The pair were motivated by the lack of a readily accessible digital outlet for information related to fishing and water management in the North State, so they set out to fill this void with their podcast.
Some of our staff have been featured on the podcast as well, and shared their insights and experiences on episodes about surveying fish populations, habitat restoration, and what drives a rainbow trout to become a steelhead. The Barbless Podcast has been publishing new episodes just about every week since its premier six months ago, and we’ve come to look forward to Chad and Nick dropping by and sharing their recent adventures on the water. With the podcast quickly approaching a milestone of 20,000 downloads, it’s clear that Nick and Chad have managed to hook quite a few followers – including us. Visit the Barbless Podcast to learn more!

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