Friday December 30, 2016

data-sheetWith 2016 winding down, here is FISHBIO’s annual countdown: a year in accomplishments by the numbers:
63,778 fish counted at three rotary screw traps
26,257 YouTube views
21,498 fish passages counted at three weirs
315 gallons of beer brewed
276 habitat units snorkeled
98 bottles of macroinvertebrate samples collected
80 jars of pickled peppers canned
53 varieties of peppers planted
43 rainbow trout caught for tissue samples
30 jars of beets canned
22 different hot sauces bottled
17 videos produced
14 education activities organized
13 conferences and workshops attended
12 Class-V rapids run on the Upper Tuolumne River
10 Years of FISHBIO celebrated for our Anniversary!
7 beer recipes tried
5 Vaki Riverwatcher units sold
4 barrel-aged beers brewed
3 fyke traps constructed
2 international electrofishing surveys (in Cambodia and Myanmar)
1 new Fish Conservation Zone established in Laos
Here’s to another great year ahead in 2017!

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