Wednesday July 26, 2017

Wine barrel table
Here at FISHBIO, we like to take recycling in a creative direction. This might mean using reclaimed materials or taking things that are done serving their original purpose and giving them new life, like our upcyled dehydrator.  Fortunately, we have creative and highly skilled fabricators suited for this work who can also be deemed “artists.” We recently acquired some wine barrels and quickly decided they would make perfect furniture in our brewlab.  Our talented fabricators made quick work of refurbishing the barrels into beautiful yet functional decor.  Many hours go into creating these special projects, which makes them so unique. The table base is a large oak wine barrel that was retired from its winery days.  We thought a lazy-susan style top would make a unique addition so everyone can share his or her favorite snack or brew. To make it feel like a pub-style table, we incorporated a custom footrest of bent tubing attached to the bottom of the barrel.
Table rock edge
The barstools also command attention, being constructed out of wine barrel remnants.  Some wooden slats were pulled off a separate barrel and crafted into the legs, which were wrapped with a metal band. A solid oak piece was then cut out of a barrel top for each seat.  A key focus of the piece is the custom cement counter top that has a natural rock edge. This was made from a mold carefully poured with cement and coloring to give it a special darker look.  Once hardened, a sealer was sprayed to prevent the table top from cracking and to ensure any spilled drinks would not soak into the concrete. With each detail carefully thought out and executed, we’re excited to have this truly a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture as the centerpiece to our brewlab. Is it happy hour yet?

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