Wednesday December 18, 2019

Steelhead Ale-1
The latest offering from FISHBIO Brewing for the holiday season is a Winter-Run Steelhead Ale. This is the perfect beer for winter steelhead anglers that brave the coldest temperatures of the Pacific Northwest in search of their prized catch. The winter warmer is a classic beer style that is best enjoyed when the weather gets cold and you are looking for something to toast your insides.
This ale is brewed with apples, honey, and hops from the FISHBIO garden along with a touch of cinnamon to provide a bit of spice. This style of beer is best when served between 45-55ºF so that the aromas can be fully enjoyed. After a frost-bitten day of fishing, we’re looking forward to a glass of Winter-run Steelhead Ale to warm up while reliving our adventures on the river.

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